Project Peachy Crochet


Stitches are the little things that make up your entire crochet project. Learning the simplest of stitches provides you with the key to becoming a pro at crochet. The more you practice these basic stitches, the easier it will become for you to create larger, more complex projects. Upon learning these basic stitches, you then have the freedom to follow new patterns and eventually speed up the rate of which you crochet at, making it quicker and easier for you to complete projects. Stitches in crochet can vary, some can create bobbles and others can be flat, which is one reason why crochet is so unique, it's texture and ability to create depth. Once your skill level becomes more advanced, you can start to consider switching around different types of wool in order to delve into your creativity even further.


Slipknots are the start to almost all crochet projects (besides amigurumi, but that's for in the future!). They are the foundation to the foundation chain (see the next stitch!) and are incredibly simple to make once you get the hang of making them! Although these little knots can seem tricky to start with, you must remember to remain calm and keep on trying, everybody has felt the frustration of being a beginner!

To Make a Slipknot

  1. Hold the wool with both of your hands, your hands are to be about 6 inches apart.
  2. Form a loop with the wool by bringing one side of the wool over the other.
  3. Secure the area in which the loops connects with your fingers so it does not become too loose or fall apart (a good way to check the size of your loop is by putting 2 fingers into it. If your 2 fingers fit, it is a good size).
  4. Put your fingers through the loop and grab hold of the wool.
  5. Still holding onto your wool, pull your fingers back out of the loop, this should create another loop.
  6. Grab onto this new loop and pull the wool that is hanging down, this should tighten the old loop and leave you with only one, the one you had just pulled through.
  7. Tighten this loop by pulling it from both ends, after this you can put it straight onto your hook and get ready to start the chain stitch!
slipknot diagram slipknot demonstration

If more assistance is required in regards to slipknots and how to create them, please feel free to watch the video below!

Chain Stitches

Chain stitches are made from slipknots. Making a chain stitch is the most common method of starting a crochet project. Chain stitches allow you to determine the length of your starting point (most patterns should tell you how many chains to make for you project). Chains are simple and easy to make and once again will become quicker and easier to make once you continue to practice making them.

To Make a Chain Stitch:

  1. Put the slipknot which you have just made onto your hook.
  2. Hold the base of the slipknot with your thumb and index finger.
  3. Bring the wool over your hook from the back of the hook to the front.
  4. While the hook still has the wool over it, bring your slipknot over the hook.
  5. Repeat as pattern requests, a slipknot does not count as one chain.
chain stitch diagram chain stitch gif

If your chain is being a pain, check out this video!

Single Crochet

A single crochet is the first proper stitch you will be learning. A single crochet is the smallest stitch out of the three mains, single, double and triple crochet's. To single crochet, you must know how to make a chain stitch. These stitches are a little trickier to make, however as usual, I will provide a GIF, a diagram and a video to ensure you understand!

To Make a Single Crochet:

  1. Chain the suggested amount.
  2. Insert your hook into the second chain from your hook.
  3. Bring the wool over your hook.
  4. Pull the loop furthest away from you over your hook, there should be 2 loops on your hook now.
  5. Bring the wool over your hook again and now lift the two remaining loops over the hook, you should only have one loop on your hook now.
  6. Continue to do this as directed! Most of the time you single crochet for the entire row.
single crochet diagram single crochet demonstration

This video is not only a tutorial on how to make a single crochet, but a quick refresher on how to make a slipknot and chain stitch