Project Peachy Crochet

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A Bit About Crochet...

Crochet, a form of art and craft in which many young people have no interest in, can be one of the most rewarding and special hobbies that can easily be learned with a little practice. Learning how to crochet, teaches patience and persistence, with each crochet experience progressing your skill level further, allowing you to make bigger and better things that you may take more interest in. There is a common judgement (and unfair judgement) that crochet is boring or lame, crochet is anything but. As you learn more about crochet and become familiar with the basic stitches, you are able to create new and fun projects that you and your friends will love. Even though crochet originated prior to the 19th century, it has become a modern art form that many continue to practice. Whilst crocheting, you have no boundaries as to what you can create, whether you want to create a simple coloured blanket or a ten foot tall teddy bear, as long as you have wool, a crochet hook, and some patience, you are able to make anything. The time and patience invested into a crochet project is well rewarded once your project is complete. Just one project and you will be hooked!

Crocheting... Isn't That Knitting?

Time and time again this has been heard, it is an undisputable fact that 99% of the population seem to be unable to tell the difference between crocheting and knitting, leaving us with the question, what is the difference between crocheting and knitting? Knitting, the more popular out of the two art forms that include wool, definitely has it's drawbacks. Knitting is tricky and extremely time consuming, an entire project can be destroyed by a simple little mistake. This leads me to mention that not only can mistakes in crochet most often be fixed incredibly easily, but crochet is also quicker to do and has more variety in the types of projects you can work on. In general, knitting is mostly used as a method to make clothes, however, not only can you crochet clothes, but you can create toys, blankets, bags and even slippers if you're game. When knitting, you use two knitting needles (often sharp and hazardous) and are limited to mostly flat stitches that are unable to form intricate textures and patterns without extensive knowledge, where as in crochet, inserting your hook into a different stitch or wrapping the wool around the hook once more can create an all new and unique stitch that can be used in any project you like.